Bible Study and Prayer Programs

St. Joseph Monthly Rosary:
When:  Every 3rd Thursday of the Month

Your obligation doesn’t end after Mass.

It is God who has called us, but not called us just to be Sunday-Mass-Christians… called us to assimilate the message of His Son, the message that transcends borders, race, and any other prejudice that we may have, a message so great that it has to be lived in order to be more fully understood.

May Mary show us how to listen to the voice of Christ in Scripture, in liturgy, in our lives that we may also respond to His invitation and assimilate His Gospel.
~~~ Padre Jorge

And, so we attempt to be more than only Sunday Christians. I know I have failed many times. But, I keep trying b/c at the end of the road there is Jesus, waiting...
Can you say no to that?

Every third Thursday of the month we gather to pray our monthly Rosary, pray that Mother Mary will help us listen. That she will take our intentions and present them to her beloved Son. 
We will meet at 7pm, in classroom #4. Following the rosary we gather for fellowship and to share a meal.

Everyone is invited to pray with us, share with us, eat with us.