The St. Joseph Building Committee, along with Father Antonio, have been working with the Archdiocese to choose the professional architect to build the Replica Chapel and grounds for a Prayer Garden.   We are calling this Phase 1 of our building plans, The Resurrection Project.  We believe that God in his infinite wisdom had a hand in bringing us an Architect that has worked with numerous parishes on chapel projects similar to ours, some bigger and some smaller.  The Architect, Mark Morkovsky, has a great reverence for the loss we felt and wants to include as much from the old church as he can in his smaller replica design.  He is asking all parishioners to share pictures from the old church with him to help in the design, both inside and outside. Whether it was a wedding, baptism, or family picture on the grounds outside. All pictures will be used only for planning.  We will not be posting them publicly.   You can send the pictures and any questions you may have to us at  The address is in the bulletin and on the website.  

     Also, in the bulletin you will find details of our upcoming parish town hall meetings for the Phase I: Resurrection Project.  It is our goal to begin work on the chapel this summer in July.  We have planned three phases of meetings between now and then to communicate and keep the parish updated on project details, planning, and events.  Our first phase of meetings will be on Wednesday April 28th at 7pm and then on Sunday May 2nd after 9:30am Mass, both in the hall.  Details on the meetings are in the bulletin. 

     As your building committee we are committed to being as transparent as possible on all the projects we will be working on.  This Resurrection Project will be Phase I of many of building projects we have planned for our parish infrastructure.  Other phases will include completion of the prayer garden, parking lot upgrades and drainage issues, upgrades to the hall and classrooms, adding a columbarium to the cemetery and oversight of building needs throughout all campus facilities and grounds.  We have great plans for our St. Joseph Campus and the future heritage of our community of faith.  We encourage all to take part in making them possible.