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Father Antonio Matrimony


      A message from Father Antonio
            Homily October 7, 2018

A Christian man and woman receive the sacrament of matrimony when they go to church to get married.  This sacrament makes them husband and wife.  When they receive this sacrament, God unites them; their union is a great mystery because God himself creates the union.  After God unites the man and woman, they remain united until one of them dies.  The bond of marriage is an unbreakable bond.  This teaching comes from Jesus.

 They are one body, all the time, every day.

 The Sacrament of matrimony is different from the other sacraments.  When instituting the sacrament of matrimony, Jesus took something that already existed; marriage and made it a sacrament.  For this reason, the church calls matrimony the “most ancient sacrament:.

 Marriage existed from the very beginning of creation.

 Adam and Eve were husband and wife.  Their union was a sacred union, blessed by God.

 Marriage was a holy reality before Christ.  When Jesus came to reveal the new and eternal covenant, He made marriage on of the seven sacraments.

 A Christian marriage is not just a social institution, much less a remedy for human weakness.  It is a real supernatural calling.  Marriage is a divine vocation.  A husband has a calling from God to be the spouse of his wife, while God also calls the wife to be the spouse to her husband.

 Marriage is holy because God himself intervenes to create the bond that makes the spouse “one flesh”.  The marriage bed is like an altar.  The conjugal act is holy in God’s eyes.

 Matrimony is an invention of God, it is from divine institution.  God did this so that man and woman would be happy in this life and in the next life, the eternal one.  Matrimony, in fact, is a road to reach heaven.

 There is a French song which says:

If you are going to war, pray once.

If you are going to unknown seas, pray twice.

If you are going into matrimony, pray many times.

It is necessary to do with God what is of God.  If you pray for one another, then love will grow, will increase.  Precisely, this is what it’s all about, that there be love and it be greater, with each day that passes.  Remember that the only thing that makes it possible for two distinct persons to live together and united is love.

 Man and woman, in matrimony, are like the face and seal of the same coin, they are human beings but at the same time they are very different.

 The man notices if something is useful or not useful, the woman notices if it is pretty or ugly.

The man is more logical, the woman is more intuitive.

The man does one thing and then the next, the woman can do several things at the same time.

The man is more simple, the woman is more complicated, says St. Teresa of Avila.

These are like general rules, which of course, can have exceptions.

 For this reason, at the time of arguments, instead of arguing, you should come to an agreement.  Both have their reasons, each one from their own point of view.

 Never argue in front of the children.  Do it elsewhere. This does not collaborate with the unity of the family.  They do not understand that mom and dad are not in agreement.

 We have the possibility of being friends of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph.  If you are friends of the Holy Family, your home will be bright and happy; there will be much love, understanding, surrender, generosity, and unity.