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Welcome Parents and Parents-to-be to the Baptism Program  
 We look forward to meeting you as you begin the first stage of your child’s initiation into the Catholic Christian Community.  First Eucharist, Reconciliation, and Confirmation complete our initiation.  These guidelines and information are designed to help the process go as smoothly as possible.  Classes are offered to parishioners several times a year: January through November.  Dates are announced in the parish bulletin and on the website.
Registration and Baptismal Class:
If you are not formally registered at St. Joseph, St. Augustine or Our Lady of Mt. Carmel please fill out a registration form and participate in weekend Masses and practice stewardship of time, talent and treasure.
A new Parishioner who does not live within our boundaries must be registered for 3 months before a sacrament is allowed.
Parents are expected to attend one class facilitated by the parish Baptismal Team.
When attending the class please be prepared to complete the Baptism Registration Form.  You may may obtain a copy of the Baptism Registration Form at the Parish Office in Devine.  The registration should include the godparents names. 
State Birth Certificate
Your child’s baptism certificate is a legal document.  It is necessary that the birth certificate be issued by the state where your child was born.  Certificates issued by the Hospital are mementos and cannot be used.
Baptismal name
The child should have a baptismal name, i.e., the name of a saint who will mentor the child’s Christian life.  This can be the child’s name, or a saint you have a special devotion to, or a saint you would like your child to mentor.  You can go to It lists the saints in alphabetical order.  You can read the history of the saint, who they are the patron saint of, their feast day, etc.

Godparents are required to attend the Baptism class, and possess a letter from their parish stating that they are practicing Catholics and have permission to be a godparent. One catholic godparent is required and may either be male or female: at least 16 years old and be a fully initiated practicing Catholic; i.e.; has received the following sacraments Baptism, First Eucharist, Confirmed and if Married, was married in the Catholic Church or had their marriage blessed at a later date.  Per Canon Law 873

If you choose 2 godparents one must be male and one female. 

Ideally both Catholic; however, one may be non-Catholic if baptized in another Christian faith. Proof of Baptism is also required (a copy of their Baptismal certificate).They will then be listed as a Christian Witness and not as a godparent on the Baptismal form.

A parent cannot be the godparent of a child to be baptized.

If godparents cannot be present for the ceremony, please consider your option of a proxy.
Godparents need to attend the baptism class or show record that they have attended a baptism class in order to be godparents.

Godparents need to complete the Godparent Registration Form that can be picked up at the parish office in Devine. 
The godparent letter(s) need to be mailed from church to church and have the church seal on it.  

 Schedule a Baptism:
The Baptism will be scheduled once you have completed the baptism preparation, baptism record form, birth certificate, and the godparents’ letter/ baptismal certificate have been received.  
All paperwork must be received in the office, No Exceptions.
Baptisms are scheduled through the office only.